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According to Tropez Salon Natick, Coloring the Gray – Not Just for Women Anymore

Salon NatickWomen have been doing it for years at Tropez Salon Natick to maintain a youthful appearance. Now men are doing it, and in ever-increasing numbers. What am I talking about? Coloring their hair to get rid of the gray.

Hair coloring used to be viewed as the province of women. A woman with graying hair was and continues to be viewed as old and past her prime. A gray-haired man, on the other hand, is often perceived by society as distinguished-looking. And while men have been coloring their hair to get rid of the gray for some time now, it’s been a tightly-held secret.

That’s changing today. More and more men are not only coloring their hair to hide the gray at Tropez Salon Natick, they aren’t ashamed to admit it. Here are two reasons that explain this rapidly growing trend.

To Look As Well As Feel Younger

Men of the Baby Boomer generation are not only living longer, but remaining vitally healthy well into their fifties, sixties, and even seventies. Many of these men have decided that they want their appearance to match the way they feel – healthy, vital, and young. And that means getting rid of the gray hair that is a sure sign of aging. There are others whose hair has turned gray prematurely and, despite the popularity of men like Anderson Cooper, don’t want to be perceived as older than they actually are.

To Gain a Competitive Edge in Today’s Job Market

The current economic crisis has resulted in fewer and fewer jobs, as companies cut back and outsource. Older job seekers who aren’t ready to retire or who need to come out of retirement for economic reasons are now competing with their younger counterparts. As a result, competition for an ever-diminishing pool of jobs is stiff.   Whether or not we want to admit it, ageism in the job market does exist, and many older men want the added advantage they believe a youthful appearance will give them. Coloring the hair to get rid of the gray is one way to achieve this extra competitive edge in a difficult job market.

Tropez Salon Natick Professional Hair Colorists

Whatever your reason for wanting to get rid of the gray, you’ll definitely want to come in for a consultation at Tropez Salon Natick to speak with one of our professional hair colorists to discuss the best way to color your hair for the results you want to achieve. Call us today at 508.655.3800.