A Gift For Your Loved Ones and the People of Nepal this Holiday Season – Tropez Natick Salon

At Tropez Natick Salon, we believe that the small details make a big difference. Because we share this belief Tropez Natick Salon is proud of our partnership with Aveda. Attention to detail including consciousness of environmental concerns and humanitarian efforts makes Aveda the perfect partner for Tropez Natick Salon. An example of Aveda’s considerations can be seen in the materials used to package Aveda’s luxurious holiday gift collection. SALON LOCATION would like to share the story of Aveda’s quest for the perfect material to wrap up Aveda’s holiday gift collection:


At the top of the world in the Himalayas of Nepal things are changing for the better for many families and the forest as well. It started a decade ago when Aveda began looking for partners to make beautiful handcrafted paper for our holiday gifts we wanted paper that was sustainably sourced and we learned that the people of Nepal have been making lope bark paper since the 12th century. It was used for royal decrees because it’s traditionally believed to last 1000 years.

Today we use it to cover all of our gift boxes in green paper all year long. Purchasing over 339,000 sheets of this durable paper; employing 3,800 people, 80% of whom are women, to craft it by hand. First they collect bark from lopde shrubs beating than cooking it into a special pulp mixture. This is pressed into screens were dried in the sun. Finally women die in paper green with non-toxic pigments.

More income for families means hope for a better future. Guma Pun is an example of the power of papermaking. The 23-year-old whose parents never went to school is now head of a papermaking enterprise. She is supporting her sisters and brothers so that they can get an education and supporting her sister so she can fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher.

It helps the whole village when women work because they give back to their families and the community buying medicine and sending children to school. With the income from papermaking 1000 families can buy the food their children need they can fix leaky roofs and by clothing. Protecting 34,000 acres of forest to provide bark for the paper also fights climate change is caused by deforestation. This is a gift for all of us but after four years of buying paper from the people of Nepal we believe the greatest gift is this.

Aveda the science of pure flower and plant essences.

If you are searching for that perfect gift that will not only delight your loved ones this holiday season but also create lasting change for the families of Nepal, stop by Tropez Natick Salon to take a look at our luxurious gift collection.